Memorable Wedding with these Uncommon Unity Ceremony Ideas

Many people love weddings. The idea of giving and receiving a sacred promise is no equal. Put in the cheers, the greetings from your family and friends, the fantastic wedding decorations, and all things would just be perfect. Even so, you might notice that several unity ceremonies are quite common. Your relatives utilized it or your best buddy applied it. It becomes a clich? and you want something different, something unique. You want an idea that would place a mark in your hearts. A concept that helps when the married life becomes a bumpy road.

Unity Ceremony Idea No. 1 – The Sands of Time

Many people like beach weddings. The couples who want to select this in some way had an excellent experience on such place. Probably, the couple’s love story started at a specific beach resort or just enjoys the beach environment very much. Thus, colored Unity Sand can be a concept that can be done in a unity ceremony. The best thing about this idea is that you do not have to be on the beach to carry out the ceremony. It even be carried out in church weddings, garden weddings, and many more. The participants of the ceremony should have sands of any color. One by one they will pour the colored sand into a new container for the couple to keep for all the years of their marriage. Isn’t the symbolism obvious? The married couple will share experiences and memories in the sands of time. Further, the colored sands represent blending of two hearts which would be impossible to undo.

Planting Tree is an Epic Idea

A new life will start the moment a couple get married. This new segment in the life of a person is tantamount to a young tree that requires nurturing to survive. Consequently, planting in unity ceremony would be a great concept due to the fact that it is a symbol of marriages that must be cultivated with love and passion to thrive, simply like a tree that would grow and produce fruits and flowers when attended well. Each person assigned in the ceremony should secure a fair amount of soil. Different pot for the plant must be there too. The soils are then added to the pot where the plant is positioned and the participants will pour water to it.

Tea Time in the Ceremony

Another way of showing unity of a man and a woman is mixing different types of teas. Those who are involved in the ceremony must be given with teas of various types and these must be added together into one teapot for the newlyweds to have a sip. It is like saying, “together, we will share various flavors in marriage.”