Monitoring Your Fitness with the Fibit Band

A fitbit bands is worn on your wrist and it is a wireless band that help you keep track of your daily physical activities including steps you took, distance walked, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. It is the use of the accelerometer technology that allows the device to track advancements in the velocity of your movement. This band constantly records you activities even while you are sleeping. Because of its stylish design,it is a lot better to wear this than fitness watches. The slim band fits comfortably on your wrist and it is not very bulky. You can choose from the many different color options to fit nicely with what you are wearing.

How many steps you climb at work each day, how many miles you run daily, what foods you eat, and how long and how good your sleep was is possible to track with the use of the fitbit band. The fitbit band has some unique features which are given below.

Setting your daily fitness goals can be done on your fitbit band. In front of the band you find an LED panel which lights up every time you accomplish 20% towards your goal. When you see this, you get challenged to be more active.

The fitbit band can track things like steps that you take, miles or kilometers, activity and calorie burn, and how well you are sleeping. It does not only monitor how well you are sleeping but if also has a built in alarm that will gently vibrate to wake you up.

The fitbit band is designed to be worn all day and night and so it is water resistant. The fitbit band can get wet and not get damaged.

If you need help in tracking your fitness goals, then this band is the right one for you because it does just that. Because of wireless technology, the fitbit band is able to send data to your PC, Mac or iOS devices wirelessly.

The free tools found in the fitbit band allows you to log food and monitor key trends. If you want to take your workouts to then next level then you can make use of the fitbit mobile app. What this mobile fitbit app can do is to track workouts, scan food barcodes, map routes, count calories, listen to music, and more.

if you want something to give you motivation to get and stay active, then using a fitband band will help you with that. Given all the features and functions of the fitbit band, the price you find in the market is quite a fair price. You can have your own virtual fitness partner and be well on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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