The Nissan Leaf has maintained its lead as the best-selling all-electric car worldwide. Owners love the way the Leaf combines affordability with enough range to get through the most common kinds of daily driving duties. The Leaf has also become notable with regard to how many desirable options and packages buyers can choose from. A few minutes spent with the Nissan Leaf Configurator will reveal that there are many interesting possibilities to investigate.

Turning Over a New Leaf That Will Suit the Needs of Even More Drivers

One important reason for the Leaf’s success is that Nissan engineers have been steadily improving it since it launched. Given almost a decade since the first Leaf went on sale, they have made it an even more attractive and appealing car.

That can be seen in the trim levels available for the most recent iteration of the Leaf. Buyers can select from a number of different packages, each of which provides excellent value at its price point:

  • S. The base-model “S” trim of the Leaf is nonetheless well equipped. With a price tag that is competitive with many compact, conventional sedans once subsidies are taken into account, this economy-focused version of the Leaf is especially popular with younger buyers. The 40 kilowatt-hour battery that comes standard provides enough power to keep the Leaf moving along through even a fairly active day of driving around town.
  • SV. The step-up “SV” trim package combines some of the most popular add-on options at a discount to their combined price. Buyers who select this version of the Leaf will enjoy access to a sophisticated cruise control system that uses feedback from a number of integrated sensors. The 17-inch alloy wheels that come with this package also add a sportier look to the Leaf that many will enjoy.
  • SL. Adding a fair number of advanced technological systems, the “SL” trim is an even more sophisticated take on the Leaf. Choosing this version of the Leaf also enables a number of creature comforts, as with extra leather trim on the front seats.

An All-Electric Favorite Gets Even Better

As a result, just about every driver with an interest in the Leaf will have little trouble configuring it to suit their particular needs. That will help make the Leaf an even more successful and popular car through the year to come.